How can I regain control over my situation when
I don’t feel like I ever had control? How/where do
I get the tools and strategies that I need? What if
I don’t have faith that I can complete my degree
and live my life at the same time?  How/where  
do I start? How do I find the time? How do I get
started when I have so much to do?
Imagine that you can have a life outside of school
and complete your educational program!  Also,  
imagine that you can have a perfect life/school
balance and not feel stressed and overwhelmed.
Discover how to get school work done, on time,
with less stress, using proven strategies to keep
your assignments (and life in general) in order.


Overcome the barriers that get inthe way  
of you completing your school work.  Identify  
strategies to minimize stress and anxiety, as you
successfully go through your degree program  
while still maintaining life’s responsibilities
outside of school.


“Getting it all done
without being
overwhelmed is
possible, you just
need to have a
clear, effective

-Dr. Zakia Robbins




Discover the sense of accomplishment from not only
knowing that you have a lot to do, but actually getting it
all done!

•  Identify and examine the barriers that stop you from being organized.
•  Learn how to gain control of your current situation.
•  Acquire different tools and techniques to organize your tasks.
•  Identify why it is important to organize your day.
•  Compare and contrast previously used strategies.
•  Prioritize tasks, duties, and assignments.
•  Develop a list of strategies that work for you and your current situation.
•  Practice implementing strategies, tools, and techniques.
•  Discover the sense of accomplishment by completing assignments without stress, anxiety, and worry.
•  Develop the habits and rituals needed to successfully complete your degree.Learn to speak positively to your child even when his/her behaviour is poor.


“There’s no
better feeling
than lining up
your assignments
and marking them
off as DONE!”

-Dr. Zakia Robbins



Dr. Zakia Robbins is a college educator, behavior specialist consultant, and author of the upcoming book titled #ALLDONE. Notorious for her ability to inspire and motivate others to attain their goals, Dr. Zakia teaches people how to identify and resolve their specific behavioral and task management barriers that get in the way of them achieving their goals.

Dr. Zakia currently serves as an academic adviser, sits on the founding board of the Z.O.R.A. foundation and is currently working to attain her 4th higher education degree. Known for her "can do" mantra and uncanny wit, Dr. Zakia possesses a genuine "tell it like it is" attitude that allows her to connect with and support others in achieving their life goals. You can visit her at



In just one hour, it helped me make sense of numerous scattered ideas that i had been trying to organize for months. I still use the graph to this day!

Mr. Terrell Brown, Founder of ImSoPhit

I often find that I get overwhelmed by everything I have on my plate to get done because i am focused on the forest and not the trees. #ALLDONE assisted with organizing those trees so the tasks got done instead of sitting in a never-ending queue. sometimes i did not understand the process but, with the tips found in the book, I definitelytrust the process because I ended up in a better place at the end.

Tai Harris, Owner of HOM Group LLC.


These practical sense and task-oriented method methods helped me immensely. This is a much needed book!

A. sutton-Bey


College can be daunting if you don't have proper guidance. This book, however, can help you develop habits and implement strategies that will allow you to breeze through your college years while still having fun!

Olive coronado, Author of The W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes) Factor


#ALLDONE: A R.E.A.L. Practical Guide to Go from college student to Graduate is an honest and simple book full of useful strategies for anyone searching to make the journey through higher education smoother.

Dianna Moua, Author of Teaching Sucks...If You Let It


Book Title:                #ALLDONE

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                                     college student to Graduate

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